Tender writing

Professional tender writing services for Perth’s civil engineering companies and construction contractors

Tender writing should be productive and profitable

Feel confident your professional tender writer is submitting a conforming bid that clearly
demonstrates your experience and value for money proposition.

Gone are the days where you write a tender by simply sending in your pricing and not worrying about the other schedules.

Submitting a compliant tender is essential for your pricing to be considered.
Understanding the selection criteria and making sure your submission fully addresses each question is essential.
And tying it all together with a winning theme that articulates why you’re the best choice for the project, is what you need.

I don’t have magical powers. But I do know the bid process and how to make sure your submissions are both compliant and competitive.

As a professional tender writer, I:

  • Develop effective systems to capture the right leads
  • Assess the bid for viability against available content
  • Create a library of templates to support your submissions
  • Ask the right questions to create your winning themes
  • Write the words that demonstrate your experience
  • Manage the entire process, or support you as needed.

Make sure you stand out from the competition for all the right reasons.

Why use tender writing services?

A black circle with a number one used as an icon to indicate reason number 1 to use a tender writing service

You need guidance to start tendering for work

There’s no secret formula to winning tenders, but having a good system from the start makes the process more productive and profitable.

To improve your tender win/loss ratio

It’s disheartening to continually bid without success so have your previous submissions reviewed and see where you can improve.

You need a tender writer, but not on staff

Call when you need extra help. Understanding what you do, means time is spent on demonstrating your value, not learning what you do.

You’re struggling with the bid process

Should you or shouldn’t you?
Do you have the time and resources? Who needs to provide what? Get clear so you can get winning work.

To build a tender template library

Tendering doesn’t mean writing everything from scratch, nor using copy and paste. Find the right balance for a better bid experience.

What do you need and when do you need it?

If the bid clock is counting down, book a consultation today.

Tender writing services available

Tender Audits

Have your last tender reviewed against the selection criteria and see where improvements can be made. Includes:

  • Key themes
  • Value for money proposition
  • Writing style and accuracy
  • Design and layout


Tender Libraries

Make sure your supporting material is kept up to date, telling an accurate and consistent story. Documents include:

  • Company profiles
  • Capability statements
  • Personnel bios and cvs
  • Project sheets and case studies


Tender Writing

Whether you need help with a specific section or the whole document, get help with:

  • Developing a content writing plan
  • Writing an executive summary
  • Addressing the selection criteria
  • Proof reading and editing


Tender Management

Need someone to take over the entire process? Hand over the bid management tasks of:

  • Exploring winning themes
  • Liaising with subject matter experts
  • Managing timelines and inputs
  • Coordinating proofreading and production

Start winning more work

Make sure your words fit your business