About Words That Fit

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Looking for someone who can find the words that fit your business?

Someone with local knowledge but national experience?

That would be me…Estelle Fallon.

Some call me a professional writing consultant.
Others say a civil construction industry copywriter.
I’ve even been hailed a tender writing queen more than once.

I’m the head content writer, chief coffee maker and owner of Words That Fit. It’s a business that specialises in writing for engineering and civil construction contractors.

Fancy titles or not, what I do know is that I’m damn good at finding words that fit your style, to create content that fits your business.
I’m the word nerd you knew you needed but didn’t know existed.

Until now.

So why work with Words That Fit?

At first, the thought of engaging someone to help with your tenders, copy, content or awards might feel like a leap of faith. But really, it’s just a series of small steps.

I’ve been writing for business for over 20 years, and I’ve worked with content and tenders writers as both the client and as a freelancer.
So, here’s why I think you should look at Words That Fit if you need content created for your business.


Words That Fit works with you

You need to feel comfortable handing over information about your business, whether that’s face to face, on the phone or via a briefing form. I make that easy for you.

Whether you’re a talker or a bullet-pointer, I’ll work with your communication style. But I’m a copywriter, not a mind-reader, so the process has to be collaborative.

Words That Fit wants to know your business

Successful tenders and powerful content show you understand your client’s pain points and how you’re best placed to solve them. You need a writer who understands the fundamentals of what you do, so your discussions focus on how you deliver value. Find a writer you can forge a lasting relationship with so you don’t have to keep explaining what you do and how you do it for each new project.

Think of me as your offsite content marketing  team.

Words That Fit knows how to write

You need a copywriter who understands conversion writing, not just someone with a good understanding of grammar. A good business writer knows when to be conversational and when to be technical. They need to know how to write smart sentences and simple ones, to hold a reader’s attention and have the content understood.

I’ve been writing for business for over 20 years.
And if you’re still reading this, I must be doing something right.

Words That Fit has systems and processes

A good writer doesn’t just deliver the words. They manage the project from start to finish. When you know what and when the next milestone is, you know how to plan your time to keep the project moving. 

Cool tools for project management make life easy. Think Asana, Slack, Teams and OneDrive…


Words That Fit has a network

Even the best writer can’t be everything to everyone.
The smart ones network to know the best people to help deliver what’s needed for the project. From professional proofreaders to A-grade graphic designers and wow-worthy web developers, good writers know who to contact to get the best results.

I know who to call to sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.

Words That Fit loves to learn

A successful content creator wants to know everything you know about your business. The writer may have the words, but no one understands your business better than you. So, teach me.

I was a teacher’s pet. I love to do an exceptional job.
What else can I say?

Are you ready to start working with me yet?