Hey there!
I'm really sorry.
I know you were looking to do your research on Words That Fit.

But honestly, the site that was here? Not doing this SEO Copywriter any favours.

So, I've done what should have been done in the first place (and what I tell my clients to do).

I've handed it over to the professionals so I can have a site that does what it's supposed to do...

showcase how I can help you better than the other engineering & construction copywriters out there.

But all is not lost. 

While the new site isn't due until mid-July 2023, you can still do your homework. 

You can find me on LinkedIn.

You can drop me an email at

You can give me a call on +61 400 338 026.

You can book a time for us to have chat and we can take it from there. 

You can ask for samples of my work. 

Heck, I'll even send you a link so you can have a read of the new words before they go live. 

Whatever you need to get the ballpoint rolling - just ask. I'm here to help. 


Looking forward to speaking with you when you (or the new site) are ready. 



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