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Specialising in SEO Copywriting services for the engineering and construction industry

A strategic approach to SEO copywriting

There is some planning required to crafting a webpage that resonates with your ideal clients

When it comes to your digital marketing, SEO copywriting is one of the most powerful tools in the shed. But writing for the web is more than throwing words up on the page. 

There’s the human side of SEO copywriting where your copy needs to reflect who you are while meeting your clients where they are in their purchasing journey.  Then there’s the technical side of SEO copywriting where you need to know what words to use where for maximum return.

When these align, your web copy not only speaks to your ideal audience, but also satisfies the needs of the search engines so your ideal audience can find you.

As an SEO copywriter, I will help you:

  • Understand your brand and tone of voice to ensure consistency across all communications
  • Know your competitive advantage by understanding your target audience
  • Appreciate your client’s buyer journey through the stages of awareness, consideration and decision
  • Identify the terms and phrases your clients are using to find you online
  • Evaluate your direct competitors so you know how you measure against them online, and how to leapfrog over them in the results pages.


Why use an SEO copywriting service that specialises in the engineering and construction industry?

Enhanced project visibility

Showcasing your projects online is essential for business growth. Through compelling SEO copy, your projects get the attention they deserve, increasing awareness and interest amongst stakeholders and potential clients.

Industry-specific expertise

With a deep understanding of the nuances of the industry, your technical language is translated into plain English without losing any context. Industry professionals now find it easier to read, so you get your point of difference across quicker.

Efficiency and productivity

Good SEO copywriting demands time, skill and consistency. Focus on your core responsibilities of delivering project excellence, knowing the words are being expertly crafted to demonstrate your quality and value for money.

Strategic keyword utilisation

The effective use of keywords is fundamental to search engine optimisation. Knowing where, when and how often to use keywords in your content means your web copy doesn’t come across as overbearing or irrelevant to your clients or the search algorithms.

Traffic and lead generation

The ultimate goal of SEO copywriting is to deliver results. While your business seems to be word of mouth, your copy helps to attract the right traffic to your website, turn leads into clients, boost your online presence and drive business growth. 

Ready to do the groundwork for better SEO

Let’s dig in and set the foundation for success

SEO copywriting services available

Brand Understanding

Working together to develop key aspects including mission, vision and values, unique selling proposition and voice of customer research. 

Keyword Research

Don’t guess what search terms are being used. Analyse current traffic, volume and user intent information against validated data for your competitors and industry as a whole.

Optimised Webpages

The heart of your digital strategy. Have your words written so they’re found by search engines and read by your ideal clients, helping you gain authority and convert leads to sales.

Sales Landing Pages

Optimised sales pages with a single intent to increase conversion rates. Think specific recruitment campaigns, training and development programs or product pages. 

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