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Constructing victory with your award submission writer

When you’re attending an award evening, don’t just participate – dominate!

Winning an engineering or construction industry award can be a game-changer for your business. It’s an opportunity to highlight the exceptional work your people have performed on your project. Or it can demonstrate to the industry your innovative thinking or value for money delivery. 

But you have to present your achievements and answer the criteria in a way that leaves the judges wanting more. 

By turning your solutions into submissions and your talents into trophies, you’re not big-noting yourself. You’re keeping your business front of mind and the competition on its toes.

As a professional awards writer, I:

  • Gather all relevant data and details for the category, including objectives, challenges, solutions and results
  • Find the hook and/or theme to run through each of the selection criteria, connecting them together
  • Craft the narrative and develop a compelling story for your project
  • Highlight key achievements and quantifiable outcomes
  • Comply with the terms and conditions of submitting, ensuring all supplementary material is acceptable.

Why use an award submission writer who specialises in the engineering and construction industry?

Expert storytelling

Writing successful awards submissions is knowing how to craft compelling narratives. It’s turning complex engineering into accessible stories that hold a judge’s attention without losing any of the technical details.

Objective perspective

By the time you’re ready to write the awards submission, you’re already onto the next project. Fresh eyes bring new perspectives and an enthusiasm to learn more so as to find the winning hooks and themes.

Time management

Awards are time-consuming on top of an already busy workload. Sourcing data, rewriting paragraphs to strict word counts and delivering a polished submission on time, is often best left to outside help with a sole focus. 

Understanding criteria

Stand out from your peers and let your award do the talking. Submitting a response that tailors each answer, addressing each question with the right details, gets your submission noticed for all the right reasons.

Reputation boosting

The aim is to elevate your brand and business reputation for delivery excellence, so make sure your award submission reflects these standards. With a high attention to detail, it needs to read well and look the part.

Are your people and projects a cut above the rest?

Let’s build an awards trophy cabinet and fill it

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Awards Selection

Choosing the right awards to showcase your business, people or projects also means being prepared and having time to create a winning application.

Submission Responses

Working together to find the angle, tell the story and address the selection criteria in a submission that’s engaging, entertaining and completely on brand.

Proofreading & Editing

If you’ve gone down the path of preparing your own response, at least have it proofread with fresh eyes to correct those spelling, grammar and passive voice errors.

Post Submission PR

Now that you’ve been shortlisted or won your category, ramp up your public relations campaign for your business to make the most of this positive news story.

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